Our Care

Types of care

We believe that each one of our residents is unique and has different needs from others. Otterbourne Grange offers a variety of services to suit these varied needs. We offer residential care, dementia care, short-term respite care as well as non-residential day care. We are determined to provide the best care for each of our offerings and tailor our care to suit the needs of each individual. We are able to do this though personal care plans which are created and shaped around the needs of each of our residents. This covers everything about you from your favourite activity to your favourite meals. We cater for all your care needs, whether you need support with daily activities such as washing or dressing, or more specialised care, our dedicated team are always ready and available to assist, encourage and reassure you. We ensure that every aspect of our care upholds and preserves the security, independence and dignity of our residents ensuring that they live happier lives.

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Day Care

We offer a wide range of activities, something for everyone to enjoy. All our activities are carefully selected to ensure that we fulfil the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of our residents. Whether you enjoy an afternoon of singing and dancing to old favourites, some light exercise, a pamper day or simply sitting and enjoying the sunshine with a cup of tea, we have something for everyone at Otterbourne Grange. We shape all our care and support around the individual needs of the people we look after. In order to do this, we ensure that all our care plans are tailored to the needs of each resident. You can therefore rest assured that the care you receive will be individual to you, taking into consideration your preferences, personal nutritional needs and likes and dislikes. Day care is a great way to experience Otterbourne Grange before deciding to become a permanent resident in the Home. It’s also a good way for your loved ones to gain the peace of mind that you are happy and well cared for.

Dementia Care

Here at Otterbourne Grance, we understand that living with dementia can be a troubling and lonely experience. We are therefore proactive in finding ways of helping our residents to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Our team of friendly, dedicated and compassionate carers offer support and understanding and ensure that the dignity and integrity of each resident is upheld at all times while offering 24 hour care. Our staff benefit from training which gives them an in-depth knowledge of the various stages and types of dementia. This coupled with their extensive experience, ensures that our residents living with dementia receive the empathy, compassion and consistency that they need. At Otterbourne Grange, the needs of our residents are the heart of all we do, from delicious home cooked meals taking into account their personal preferences and nutritional needs, to our carefully written care plans. We strive to make a difference and offer the best to our residents from the care we offer to the quality of our Home. The home benefits from a warm, friendly and safe environment that gives our residents the comfort of being home. We ensure that every aspect of Otterbourne Grange is designed to uphold the dignity, independence and safety of our residents living with dementia.

Residential Care

We believe that choosing a care home is much like choosing a home, which is why we strive to make our residents feel welcome, happy, comfortable and safe from the moment they enter the Home. We believe that each person is unique and special in their own way and has slightly different needs from others. Here at Otterbourne Grange, we offer you the freedom and independence to live the life you choose, with the level of support you choose. With our personalised care plans, we are able to deliver and shape our care around the needs of each person in our Home. We take into account your personal preferences, routines, meals you enjoy as well as your hobbies when developing a comprehensive and personalised care plan. Whether you are seeking support with mobility, washing or dressing, or more complex and full time assistance, our team of carers are always ready and available to assist in order to ensure that you maintain your independence and are cared for in a manner that upholds your safety, dignity and independence. We ensure that our residents live a fulfilled, comfortable and happy life, and this is demonstrated through our compassionate care, as well as the quality of our Home. This is evidenced by the friendly atmosphere, the carefully selected activities and living areas designed to cater for the various needs of our residents. Whether you enjoy a day out, painting, reminiscing over a cup of tea or listening to old favorites, we offer something for everyone here at Otterbourne Grange. We take pride in our delicious home-cooked meals which take the individual nutritional needs, likes and dislikes of our residents into account. Each meal carefully planned and prepared to ensure only the best quality meals are offered. We also offer a selection of delicious made cakes, biscuits and puddings, prepared by our talented chefs each morning.

Respite Care

Do you care for someone elderly or living with dementia? If so we may be able to assist by offering a range of care packages and facilities. We understand that when you are busy caring for someone, doing simple things can become very time-consuming. With our range of care packages and facilities, you could once again do things like take a much needed holiday, or just a weekend off. Whether you are seeking assistance while you’re away, additional care or support after an operation or simply an opportunity to try out Otterbourne Grange before making a long-term commitment, we are here to offer you the level of support that you need. Our flexible short term care offers your loved one an experience to mix and build relationships with new people, and the opportunity for a change of scenery. It also gives carers the reassurance that their loved one will be enjoying full time care in a safe, friendly and happy environment.

Caring Staff

Otterbourne Grange is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide full Residential care and also specialist care for those living with Dementia, including Alzheimers disease. We also provide Convalescent and Respite Care for short periods, and Day Care for those wanting to enjoy the benefits of life at the Home. Our staff are trained to ensure that the care we provide is not only expert, but also sympathetic and tailored to each of our residents’ specific needs. We also offer Hairdressing and a visiting Podiatrist, along with a full Activity program discussed below. Close co-operation between our Team of Carers and local general practitioners ensure that our residents benefit from regular visits, and are monitored and managed according to the detailed care system that we have in place. As always, we are happy for residents to be attended to by their own general practitioner if so desired. Most of our Team of Carers have been with us for more than five years, whilst there are those that have been at the Grange for more than twenty years. Like some of our residents, they have many a story to tell, and this continuity has helped preserve the ethos and ambience of our very special Home. Relatives, general practitioners, and even suppliers often compliment us on the jovial and personable nature of our staff. A true sense of “family” exits at the Grange. From our cleaners, through our carers, to management, you will find a happy group of people who enjoy what they are doing. We believe that it is this ingredient that is vital to creating the correct environment for the comfort and wellbeing of our residents.


At Otterbourne Grange, we recognise the importance of training and developing our staff to reach their highest potential. We believe that high quality training and personal and professional development are the key to ensuring that our residents receive quality care and our staff achieve their personal development goals. In order to do this, we offer both face to face training, provided by our in-house Training Manager, as well as e-learning for staff to complete in their own time. Our online training offers access to over 50 training modules dedicated to the Adult Social Care sector, and are tailored to the needs of our Home and residents. Many of the modules are linked to the Care Certificate. We believe that our training equips our staff with the knowledge and confidence to provide safe, compassionate and high quality care to our residents. For more details on our training, please have a look at our training brochure.

Community Involvement

We believe that no one should be excluded from their local community. Here at Otterbourne Grange, we work hard to ensure that our residents remain connected and are still able to do things that they love. We have therefore forged relationships with our local church and schools. We make regular visits to the hospital in order to visit the elderly and the childrens’ wards.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

My mother-in-law lived at Otterbourne Grange for approximately seven years until her death earlier this year. She was happy and well cared-for and the staff were very kind to her. It has a friendly family atmosphere and she considered it her home.


I always receive a good welcome and am offered refreshments. Otterbourne Grange always appears calm and relaxed and the staff are competent and caring and always visible. The residents appear to be happy enough in their own way. One staff member in particular is always on hand to assist or answer any questions.